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As part of our commitment to our customers, Acteus Fuelling offers on-site repair services for specific fuelling equipment. In our continued quest to maintain high standards related to Quality, Health, Safety and Environment, our technicians are trained to follow stringent protocols in accordance with relevant standards. Before commencement of any services, a thorough consultation process is performed in order to evaluate the scope of repairs required, allowing us to anticipate for a quick and fuss-free repair process. Repair services can either be conducted on site, in our premises, or at our partner manufacturer workshops.


Aside of providing products, one of Acteus Fuelling’s goals is to empower our customers with the knowledge and expertise to operate and maintain their assets in the most productive and cost-effective way. Acteus Fuelling provides in-house technical training, with a strong focus on key safety elements along product-related lessons gleamed from our years of experience. We believe that this is essential to ensure our products are used to their full potential, and to pass on our knowledge unreservedly to end users and operators.


Acteus Fuelling provides calibration for various types of measuring devices to ensure compliance with the relevant various industry or manufacturer requirements. Accurate calibration does not only ensure accurate measurement readings but also safety of personnel and assets. Acteus Fuelling is proud to be able to provide a customized approach to suit various specific equipment calibration requirements to ensure smooth and efficient operations.


With a strong track record on installation on fuelling related equipment in Asia Pacific, Acteus Fuelling has established itself as one of the leading actors for technical installation services. Installing fuelling equipment can be an intimidating process, given their technical and complex nature. To help reduce installation time, our installation team can assist in setting up equipment in a safe and effective manner. We also provide technical assistance if equipment has been damaged or are not functioning properly.