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The Leading Fuelling Equipment Supplier in Asia Pacific

Acteus Fuelling is constantly at the forefront of a fast-moving industry due to cutting-edge innovations, strict adherence to safety standards and a results-driven approach. With expertise in the Aviation, Terminal, Tanker and Marine sectors, Acteus specializes in providing synergistic products and solutions to help companies achieve their business objectives. Here are the extensive range of products offered by Acteus:

Large Jet engine and guy refuelling aircraft - The Best Fuelling Equipment Supplier in Asia

Aviation fuelling

Be it filtration, hydrant systems, or metering solutions, Acteus Fuelling’s uncompromising focus on safety and reliability is why our aviation fuelling products range is highly sought-after by into-plane companies in the Asia-Pacific region. Acteus Fuelling is the #1 Fuelling Equipment Supplier in Asia.

Terminal range

Efficiency is key in developing terminal products to make the process of transferring and uploading hazardous fluids safe and simple. Acteus provides among others, valves, strainers, laboratory, and loading products for this exact purpose.

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Acteus Fuelling is widely considered to be the leading provider of tanker equipment, which enables safe and reliable handling of hazardous bulk materials like petroleum and chemicals. The products offered in this category include various accessories and top/bottom loading equipment.


In order to help operators successfully address ever-changing demands in a growing market, acteus is constantly finding innovations to keep marine solutions viable and cost-effective. Our products such as skids and bunker solutions are suitable for all types of vessels and specifically designed to fulfil marine-centric objectives.

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