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After more than 20 year lifetime of ISOIL IMPIANTI MT20 and 20 more years of the MT30 grounding system, the new MT40 brings to our customers the latest technology solution for ground monitoring of:

  • Tank trucks
  • Tanker trains
  • IBC intermediate bulk containers
  • FIBC flexible intermediate bulk containers

during the loading/unloading operations of fuels, chemicals, powders in hazardous environments.
Thanks to the MT40 grounding monitor, the connection to ground is monitored and granted at all time, and the operation is stopped immediately in case of any grounding problem. This assures the customer to perform such an operation in full safety.

Safety has been ISOIL IMPIANTI guiding star while working on this new project.
Designed according to IEC TS 60079-32-1 (Electrostatic hazards guidance) and NPFA77 (Recommended Practice on Static Electricity), the MT40 monitor is an approved Safety Device, with SIL2 level (Safety Integrity Level 2).
Ex wise, MT40 is ATEX approved as well as IECEx.  

Depending on the application, the MT40 is available in three versions:

  • Fixed installation, for tank trucks, tanker trains, IBC loading / unloading operations
  • On vehicle installation, for tank truck unloading operations
  • For FIBC (Big bags)

in AC and DC power versions.
A full range of accessories is available for the MT40 monitor: reel with cable, spiral cable, a new stainless steel grounding clamp, a tester.