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Aviation Fuel Hydrant Pit Valves are certainly robust, and even if failing seals are replaced, the housings themselves can often remain in use for many years. But is the internal epoxy lining of your old Hydrant Pit Valve still intact, even after all this time? Could fragments of deteriorating lining find their way into the fuel stream?

Cla-Val choose to use Electroless Nickel-Plating (ENP) to coat the internals of our Hydrant Pit Valve housings. ENP is a chemical process that results in a molecular bond of the nickel to the base metal, ‘it will not come off unless you grind it off!’ This process of lining results in a much greater uniformity of coating thickness over epoxy coating, and unlike epoxies will not crack when the base metal expands or contracts with temperature. In fact ENP does not suffer any of the failures that might ordinarily be associated with epoxies.

In addition, the use of stainless steel materials for the upper housing, internals, and as standard for the actuating Pilots, means we feel we have a valve worthy of your consideration!