Acteus Fuelling is one of the leading fuelling equipment providers in the Asia Pacific Region. As the fuelling industry continues to evolve globally, Acteus Fuelling has kept pace by building a flexible organizational structure geared to provide high-quality services and equipment, and to support the increasing sophistication of customer demands. In order to assist customers with their fuelling requirements, a team of experienced and technically qualified members was assembled to manage the core activities of the company. Acteus Fuelling is proudly guided by the following core values, which dictates every team members’ actions and code of conduct.


Relentless Pursuit Of Innovation

In this fast-moving industry, the only constant is change. To keep up with everchanging regulations, requirements and standards, Acteus Fuelling places key emphasis on innovation to rapidly develop new and improved solutions. This relentless pursuit of innovation has resulted in quicker response times, reduced operating costs and development of modern fuelling solutions compliant with the industry regulations.


Strict Adherence To Safety Standards

Safety is of paramount importance to everyone at Acteus Fuelling. No matter the role or designation, all team members are required to adhere to strict standards in order to maintain the safety and integrity of products and services. Undergoing a comprehensive training procedure is mandatory before Acteus Fuelling member are allowed to handle key processes. This focus on safety has resulted in an exemplary safety record and smooth operations without unforeseen delays.


Results-Driven Approach

Acteus Fuelling is not just a provider of fuelling related equipment. To our customers, we are strategic partners with a vested interest in their growth and business objectives. Rather than simply responding to our customers’ requests, a detailed consultation process is done before any transactions, to ensure that our products and services are best suited to deliver tangible results.   




+65 6282 1241

362 Upper Paya Lebar Road 

#06-11 Da-Jin Factory Building 

Singapore 534963 


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